Postby BryanW » Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:10 am

I'm getting tired of some of the stuff I'm reading about in the foyer, particularly when I'm not around, or when people think I'm not around.

As a reminder, I shouldn't have to micromanage behavior here as everyone is expected to be reasonably mature in how they conduct themselves, but that freedom of expression has limits. I don't want to be seeing racism and excessive vulgarity in the foyer, much less name calling. There's no need for it and you people are frankly better than that. While I don't want to, I will start removing XP, and then characters if people can't police themselves to at least a reasonable degree. I understand this is a minority of players so this thankfully does not apply to most of you, but to those few who it does if ou want to be treated as an adult, then act like one.
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