Personalities And Courts


Naomi “Clockwork” Starling

Court: Autumn

Seeming: Wizened

Mantle: Autumn 2

Description:  Naomi is small, thin, sunken eyes, and has short brown hair worn straight and to one side with a large white streak through the center.  She often wears an outfit reminiscent of an antiquated naval sea captain, or possibly a pirate even, though on her belt are various tools and strange gadgets which look like something out of a watchmakers workshop.  She speaks usually quietly though from time to time is known to bark out loud commands on occassion.

The Wizened artificer composes many stereotypes and then some though several changelings believe she overemphasizes this aspect in order to make people underestimate her. A brilliant, yet eccentric inventor, her knowledge of the Hedge is superb and her creations that often comprise of a steam punk like theme are relatively reliable.   Naomi is one of the longest surviving fae residents of Baltimore, having seen the changing of seasons several times and even having served occasionally as the lord of Baltimore, though she openly states her distaste for such distractions, prefering her workshop and her reported forrays into the hedge itself.




Court: Spring

Seeming: Elemental

Mantle: Spring 4

Description:  The tamahagane elemental wears flowing, ornate robes of one who might have been part of the ruling class in feudal Japan.  His skin is a grey with a watery pattern in the steel which had been folded time and again to recompose his body.  His mantle is subtly powerful with the gentle breeze carrying cherry blossom petals in his wake.

While many believe their tales to have begun with their durance, Katarashi sees his as beginning well before it as a philosopher and artist.   It was after a long, uneventful life when he was offered the next great adventure and the promise of the secrets of existence...or something along those lines.  They say Katarashi's Keeper was a master smith whose creations lacked something that made them more than just a copy of what had come before.  Thus, Katarashi was forged by the will of the Gentry to be used as the final component in the ultimate blade, the spirit of the blade itself.  The tamahagane elemental has a rather zen-like quality about him with elements of buddhism and bushido mixed into a general, mutable philosophy of change.  His calm, confident presence is inspiring to many and has made him the de facto leader in the wake of Teresa's downfall.


Oliver Thompson

Court: Summer

Seeming: Ogre

Mantle: Summer 3

Description:  Mr. Thompson dresses in expensive double breasted suits, preferring stark white whenever possible.  His nose looks as if it has been broken several times and his features suggest one who’s worked himself up the ladder the hard way.  His mantle is intense as are many of the Summer Court , though his smoldering brown eyes suggest more of a slow burn that continues to progress than one which might quickly flame out.

Oliver is the new kid on the block, but if you ask him, it is his block.  A resident of Baltimore before his durance, Thompson knows the ins and outs of the underbelly of the city.  His ties to everything from gangs to drugs to even illegal street racing has made him a kingpin of sorts among both worlds as he utilizes his resources for not only his own benefit, but to move against the Gentry and privateers alike.  The one piece that prevents him from solidifying his hold is his staunch stance against human trafficking, which comes as little surprise to the changelings of Baltimore.  Oliver can be difficult to deal with at times but he remains as good as his word regarding his dealings and most consider him a relatively straight shooter both with guns and business dealings. 


Teresa Manning

Court: Winter

Seeming: Darkling

Mantle: Winter 3

Description: Teresa is rail thin with long flowing white hair.  Her eyes are black as pitch.  She looks good for her age still but is just starting to show the wear of the years in her forehead that no amount of the wyrd or plastic surgery can stave off forever.  Her attire tends towards black evening gowns of various modern styles.

Teresa was once the obsidian jewel of Baltimore.  A nightsinger of immense talent, she held the title of Lord of Baltimore more times than any in recent memory.  Even when the Winter Court was not in power, her words still carried significant weight.  However, her standing has fallen slightly in the aftermath of the Corentin incident.  It is said by some that Corentin was actually her real son, while others claim she adopted him when he appeared to her one evening.  Regardless of the origin, the outcome has pointed to a significant failing of some sort on her part.  Still, she is one of the oldest, most respected changelings in Baltimore, having outlasted many with her active, but conservative and traditional approach.  Her music is said to have enchanted even the gentry and she still performs from time to time on the moonless night.  The loss of her “son” seems to weigh heavily on her conscience to those who know her and her music has taken on a slightly mournful quality. Certain individuals claim she still sings every night staring off into the ocean.  Some say she sings hoping her son will hear her voice and return home, others say she sings to pacify whatever Keeper that held her still to keep it away from Baltimore.  Teresa rarely speaks of her former Keeper except in bitter tones and to say she hopes it never returns to Baltimore.


"Radio Free Fae Broadcaster"

Court: Unknown, presumed Winter

Seeming: Unknown

Mantle: Unknown

Description:  The broadcaster who many attribute the title of "DJ Otzal" operates one of the most sophisticated Radio Free Fae channels on the eastern seaboard, possibly in the country.  It is said that people try to tune in or visit Baltimore just to hear one of the broadcasts and that others who officially bear that title visit Baltimore (albiet briefly) just to tune in and catch a show.  How he (or she) transmits baffles even most Wizened artificers.  Unlike most who bear the title though, Baltimore’s "DJ Otzal" prefers a deep smoky voice accompanied by slow jazz playing quietly in the background giving the impression of the soundtrack accompanying a hardboiled detective noir film.  In fact, "DJ Otzal" has never even introduced itself as such, instead simply announcing the station it broadcasts from.  This has led a few on occasion to broadcast their own show under the title, but it is almost always transient and amateur by comparison.  Whoever they are, they seem to have a finger on the pulse of Baltimore and is quick to offer rumors, commentary, history "lessons" (of dubious accuracy at times), and cryptic advice to those able to perceive the wyrd tuning in at midnight under a new moon.


Seasonal Courts


Since the days when the seasonal court system was established, the seasonal courts of the Freehold of Calvert have used the pattern of Calvert, the slanted checkered pattern but in their own court colors as their flags.  The Leaden Mirror's flag is a deep red and yellow outlined in brown; the Emerald Court's flag stands out in bright blue and green; the Summer Court's flag stands out with bold yellow ornage, outlined in green; the Winter Court's flag is an almost monotone grey with very subtle changes in color to show the pattern and if glanced at casually, it might look like a simple grey cloth.

Autumn Court

Fear.  The city is ripe with it.  At least thats what the orcs in the movie said.  It's true though that Baltimore holds quite a bit of its share of Autumn Court as a result.  The city is home to all sorts of occult opportunities in both the academic and mystical realms.  There are several phenomena here as well as legends which draw all sorts of this court for one reason or another.  There are several who find their homes in the underworld of Baltimore, but there are an unsurprisingly strong amount of academics and artists of unusual preferences here as well.  Meetings and celebrations often have a rather formal and almost ritualistic quality behind them.


Spring Court

Until recently, the Spring Court has been a faction always present but never at the forefront.  Change has always been a driving force within Baltimore but tempered by some other goal.  However with the emergence of Katarashi, the Spring Court is being embraced by a growing number dissatisfied with the previous decisions and seeking new methodology.  The Spring Court has become one of the artistic elite within the city, a driving force for gentrification and the betterment of the city.  New entrepreneurs as well have begun to become attracted to the methodology as well.  However, not all focus on positive change, in fact many would point to the Spring Court as the cause of many of society's ills as well as prostitution, drugs, and other hedonistic behaviors are also propagated by this very same court.  Spring Court gatherings vary, depending who has been placed in charge of the event, or simply took the initiative to do so. 


Summer Court

Today the Summer Court is a shadow of what it once was.  Once, the ruling body and elite of Baltimore, it fell from grace only to rise again to its aggressive prominence.  However it suffered more than a bloody nose when it led the charge against Corentin and its decimated numbers reduced it once more to a supporting role.  Despite this, those such as Oliver Thompson are considered some of the rising youth and their militant stances consistently gain support among many of the fae.  Events under the Summer Court are matters of respect, power, and achievement.


Winter Court

The Winter Court was always a strange lot in Baltimore.  Traditionally reclusive, Teresa had given a face to the court which was unusual, leading some to wonder why on earth she was Winter Court at all.  Still, her conservative methods, mirroring her role as a doting mother despite her seemingly glamorous background seemed to coincide well enough.  The Winter Court has tendrils in almost every aspect of Baltimore from the underworld to high society but they don't talk much about it.  They are the types who you never see coming and its never clear exactly how much one can hurt you.  They are probably among the most varied in background because Baltimore is no stranger to sorrow.  Winter Court events are typically solemn, quiet affairs, more focused on business at hand which was ironically at odds with Teresa's personal style.



The so called canaries of Baltimore are even more varied than the Winter Court, however most seem to fall into two categories, those hiding from fate and those desperate and rejected who have no where else to go.  There are no current common practices among the Courtless.