Legends Of Baltimore


Legends of Baltimore


The Judge Of Crossroads

The Judge is one of the more infamous creatures lurking within the Hedge around Baltimore.  Its form varies considerably but it will typically capture changelings and put them on "trial".  It is said that it is possible to win the case and thus freedom, but because the rules of the court vary considerably, securing ones freedom is unlikely to be easy.  The Judge always leaves the judgement and verdict in some fashion along the Chesapeake Trail which makes many uneasy, almost as if The Judge is mocking the Barony of Calvert though no one knows why. 


The story surrounding the being known as Corentin for the most part is well known, having begun around 2010. The prodigy had no formalized place within Baltimore but was a dangerous wild-card, courtless, unpredictable, powerful, and problematic.  While some found their dealings with him to be fair, albeit at times immature, everyone felt as if they were playing near the path of an oncoming tornado that could veer off and obliterate them at a whim.  This made his eccentricities and ego difficult to deal with, though few could deny his effectiveness if convinced to follow a course of action.  Legend has it that Corentin was never stolen, but actually struck a deal with his former Keeper at a young age in exchange for some unknown service.  He would disappear for seasons on end into the hedge to fulfill some sort of bargain.  Each time, he returned a little less human and a little more powerful.

After a time, the wyrd about him was overwhelming, violence followed in his wake, and his grip on sanity seemed tenuous at best.  He was always noted to be capricious and mercurial, but his power had grown exponentially and not even Teresa could reign him in. The Viziers came to Baltimore in an attempt to curb or perhaps recruit Corentin, but instead the meeting resulted in a short, brutal conflict which escalated to encompass all four courts, in particular the Summer Court in a desperate attempt to calm the storm before it consumed the entire city.  The few remaining Viziers left empty handed to reconsider their options before matters worsened further.  Corentin, in an odd moment of clarity, apologized to the reigning lord of Baltimore, his "mother" Teresa, and has not made a public appearance since, though changelings, in particular Radio Free Fae, claim brief sightings from time to time.  Some whisper that during his last foray into the Hedge he wrested the power from his former Keeper or another and actually has become one of the True Fae or perhaps he never was a changeling to begin with.  The rumors do not sit well with many, but few dare to even broach the subject for fear of disappearing under mysterious circumstance.

Appearance: The Wyrd flowed off the fairest in silent, overwhelming waves, the calm within the eye of the tempest, muting the mantles of those nearby.  Corentin was small in stature and thin, probably having been first changed at a young age.  The former prodigy carried a haunted look behind his steel colored eyes that were rumored to once be a bright blue.  His messy hair was dyed a rainbow of color and often spiked.  His attire often consisted of a strange jacket made of some sort of scaled leather with wide lapels and long tails that, while black, reflected different shades of color depending on the angle it was viewed.  The remainder of his outfit usually consisted of blacks, midnight blues, and silver.  He did not carry weapons but was known to produce strange blades of scintillating color and his very touch was lacerating when he wished it to be.


The Crocodile Of The Depths

A crocodile in the sewers?  No such thing.  Still, from time to time the rumor surfaces of a monster affectionately dubbed "Chompy" that lurks at the border of the Hedge and the murky wet shadows, ready to devour anything in its path.  While the name may sound amusing, if such a creature exists in some fashion there would be nothing funny about that wide toothed grin.



The Feathered Serpent Of Epic Legend

The Autumn Court, and those who brave the hedge for one insane reason or another, whisper on occasion about a majestic winged serpent spotted flying overhead.  It only appears briefly, but shortly thereafter destruction soon follows.  What it wants is unclear, however one survivor swears that he saw it feast upon his Keeper as he ran for the gate, although given his subsequent rather rapid degeneration into insanity, no one is sure what really happened or why he was allowed to escape.


The Reaper and The Small Black Kitten

The dreamscape is home to many creatures, but recently within the confines of Baltimore, whispers of a reaper calling itself "Tyler" and a small black kitten haunt dreams.  At first this was deemed mere curiosity to be taken with caution, however those who have chosen to investigate further have found themselves experiencing unfortunate coincidences that manifest in the waking world.  Perhaps this denizen lurks beyond mere nightmares.