Notable Locations

"Hmm...ok I'll help you out, but remember you owe me for this.  You owe me big time and if you don't pay you'll find yourself lost in the deepest part of the Hedge where you'll wish you were on trial by The Judge." -Naomi Starling


Locations In Baltimore

Well Baltimore is broken up into nine districts with neighborhoods in...wait what's wrong with you?  Don't you have the Internet or something?  Oh you mean from "our" standpoint?  Well there are a couple places of note.

The Bromo-Seltzer Arts Tower

It's called the "Clocktower" by many of the fae these days because of the clock that can be seen right from Camden Yards.  Originally it was some factory but pretty much abandoned until Teresa took it over and turned it into apartments for artists or something.  Turns out there's a giant hollow underneath and in hedgespace its located right near one of the only known relatively stable trods to the largest Goblin Market around, but more on that later.  The Baltimore Bazaar they call it, but you might know it as the Egg Market because of all the dreams that are hatched, and crushed there.

The Green Mount Cemetery

No one goes here anymore.  None of the fae at least.  The cemetery they say is cursed ever since the Viziers came.  They say that it was just beyond the main entrance into the Hedge that they confronted Corentin.  The Hedge has regrown of course, but the landscape has changed among what was once a favorite place for the prodigy.  If you look closely you can still see the scorched earth and broken monuments just on the other side of the veil between the worlds.  What denizens lurk here or after effects I'm not sure and I really don't care to find out either.

The Cat's Eye Pub

Great music, great drinks, great stories.  A favorite for a long time in Fell's Point.  Home of all sorts of tales, ghost stories, and history.  I think there's a gateway somewhere around there but really people go to just hang out.  It's got some history among the Barony.  Nothing drastic, but many a duel or treaty has been forged over a drink here.


The Horse You Came In On

Poe's favorite bar they say, and the one he was found outside of before his tragic end.  The tourists among the Barony come here, but I tell you it's all hype.  Really!


Locations In The Hedge

The Clocktower

(Size: 3, Ammenities: 2, Doors 3, Wards 5)

The hollow that makes up the Freehold Commons is a work of art.  Plain and simple.  I'm not sure who made it but they must have had good taste.  Any trappings of the ruling body are superficial.  This place is a literal maze of neverending gears, chains, jewels, and pendulums like the inner workings of a complex watch.  There are also doors, but these are all locked thankfully because who knows where they might lead.  The two exceptions are to the basement of the Bromo Seltzer Tower and the Chesapeake Trail.  Teresa may have found it and technically owns it still, but her real power is she seems to know more of the inner workings of the hollow than anyone else.  Sure most who agree to the Clocktower Oath can open it up...unless its locked of course, but to really use it they say you need to have some other knowledge or maybe a key even.  

The main Commons is a room of brass, copper, bronze, and steel, constantly subtly shifting which creates a dizzying effect on anyone focusing on the walls for too long and a general sense of unbalance as the ground seems to move ever so slightly from time to time as the pieces which comprise the floor and walls rotate on their own axis.  The very surfaces are comprised of tiny gears, chains, and pendulums like most of the area.  There are places to sit, though its mostly used as a gathering spot.


The Chesapeake Trail

The Trail is the path through the hedge from the Clockwork Tower to the Goblin Market gates.  It's not exactly the safest path all the time, but it is a relatively stable one for some reason.  I suspect it has to do with some sort of oath, but what type I can only guess and it's not even an educated one.  Finding what holds this path together would be perhaps a holy grail of Baltimore, but simple divination techniques have not helped in the least.


The Goblin Market

The Baltimore Bazaar, The Egg Market, The Oasis...its got a lot of names but it's the main attraction, the main event, the cash cow, the tourist trap, you name it thats what it is.  It's the forbidden fruit of Baltimore.  It's a place where your wildest dreams or worst nightmares come to life if you can pay the right price.  While the market is protected by powerful oaths of neutrality, like at any oasis in the desert, predators of all shapes and sizes lurk around the watering hole waiting to pounce on the unwary and unguarded.



The Maelstrom

Now we're getting into some creepy drek.  There's a giant black tornado-hurricane-typhoon thing that seems to appear periodically in the Hedge around here.  No one is sure if it's a phenomenon that forms overhead, or actually moves around somehow in ways beyond three dimensions.  People have gone to the edge, but its like a black hole and few ever come out once they cross that wall of storm.  Those that have talk about a nightmarish landscape that's nothing like they've seen before.  I personally think it's a realm controlled by one of the so called Gentry myself though.  Never seen it up close but I'm currently designing something that might help...