The Clockwork Pledges

The Clockwork Tower Oath (Vow, Fealty, Banishment, Year and a Day, Vassalage)

It is said that the Clocktower Oath is based upon the Goblin Market Vow given its similarities.  Whether it was always like this or Teresa constructed it as such is unclear.  Regardless, while the wording varies depending on the preferences of the current ruler, the basic ideas remain the same.  The most common version is as follows:

"I pledge myself to the Freehold of Calvert. I will not willingly or knowingly assist the Gentry or their servants, and that my Lord may summon me in a time of need. In return I may expect the same protection from the Freehold, and may drink my portion of the power of the Clockwork Tower once a day.  Should I break my oath willingly and knowingly, I accept banishment and punishment as appropriate for my transgressions of treason." 

A curious effect is that the wording can be bypassed entirely if sworn within the Clocktower itself by simply stating "I vow to uphold the Clocktower Oath."  Apparently the very name of the oath contains enough to bind those willing to pledge themselves to the Freehold.  

However, most, if not all, of the reigning Lords offer a second oath with more specific laws, rules, and loyalties along with benefits for such fealty.


The Goblin Market Vow (Vow, Alliance, Banishment, Year and a Day)

No one is sure what the Goblin Market Vow says exactly.  It is said that one can opt to swear it in the tongue it was originally crafted in, but pledging something that takes at least an hour to recite in a language one does not understand does not sit well with many.  Instead, most take the abbreviated pledge.  The abbreviated version is offered in several tongues and the exact wording varies, however the gist remains the same as it always references that one will abide by the "original pledge of neutrality". 

The main tenants of the vow include the following:

No acts of violence against any stalls, merchants, merchant property, guards, potential or actual customers while in the market. 

All sales are final.

There are no deals allowed in the Egg Market without being made with a Sanctioned Merchant or a Sanctioned Stall.

While there is nothing against proper negotiation, it should be noted that the use of magical effects or threats to augment haggling is prohibited within the market.

If no purchase is made in between entering and leaving the market, you must pay the warden a toll (one glamour or an equivalent such as appropriate hedge fruit).

Breaking the vow risks banishment, death, or worse: being enslaved and sold on the auction block.  Given the likelihood of gentry in disguise, among other unsavory types present, this option is usually not favored.