Character Creation

Character Creation edit

Book Policy

Currently we allow the WoD Corebook, Armory, Armory Reloaded, the Changeling the Lost corebook, and all supplement changeling books with some restriction.  Other books will be used at the discretion of the storyteller team.  Please ask prior to making your character.

Please review the House Rules prior to making a character.


In general, use standard book creation for starting characters except as noted below.  While at times it may feel as if there are not enough points to go around, consider these characters are at the start of their story rather than the end and also the accelerated XP curve will help you round out the sheet as you begin to play it in the initial weeks.

All characters must be 18 years or older.  If the character is a vampire they must have been embraced at the age of 18 years or older as well.

No characters may be engaged in incest or pedophilia so please do not include it in your history either.

Over the top concepts including, but not limited to, ninjas, military special forces, and characters who clearly will be unable to function within the scope of the game are unlikely to be sanctioned.

Prior relationships with active NPCs must be discussed with the Storyteller beforehand.  Given the scope of the game and in fairness to the entire playerbase it is unlikely you will be sanctioned with an active NPC as a contact, ally, or mentor merit though it is reasonable to discuss experiences with NPCs with the storyteller as a possible rationale for part of your Status merits.

Character Names

The game is set in modern-day Baltimore, United States so please keep this in mind.  It is better to err on the side of normalcy when choosing a name and remember there is a difference between your name and your alias/nickname.

Avoid celebrities, historical figures and well known fictional characters.  

Nicknames will be placed in single quotation marks in the middle of the name.

Example: John ‘Bruiser’ Smith


All four main "seasonal courts" and Courtless are allowed at creation.  While we have not banned other courts, they are not directly supported at this time and I encourage seasonal courts whenever possible to maximize involvement.  If you must take another style of court, I would like a reason why they have joined this court and why they specifically have come to Baltimore where there traditionally is not a strong presence of such.

Mantle 1 is free at creation as per the book.  If you are courtless and join a court in game you will get Mantle 1 for free upon joining a court.

Restricted Items

Each character is given 3 restricted slots to use.  In general an attribute, merit, or skill at “4” costs one restricted slot.  An attribute of “5” costs two restricted slots.  The notable exceptions are listed below.  Remember while it might be a restricted slot at creation, you are able to acquire most, if not all, of these things in game.  

Wyrd costs one restricted slot for level 2 at creation and three restricted slots to purchase level 3 at creation.

Tokens cost 1 restricted slot per level.  This includes hedgespun "items" which have effects in game.  Cosmetic hedgespun however does not require restrictive slots.

While active Entitlements will not be available at creation, these may be acquired in game.

Attributes at “1” cost one restricted slot.

Mantle and Status above 1 in any area is one restricted slot.  Status will not be sanctioned higher than 2 in any area at creation.  Mantle will not be sanctioned higher than 3 at creation.

Out of seeming specific contracts cost 1 restricted slot per dot.

Fighting Styles cost 1 restricted slot per dot.

Merits from outside the corebooks will be evaluated on a case by case basis at sanctioning, however consider most (if not all) as restricted slots with the exception of milestone merits or other merits that do not have a point cost assigned to them.

We will use the version of "Dual Kith" found in Rites of Spring.  This costs three restricted slots in addition to the merit dots needed to purchase the appropriate version.  Please address why you have taken this in the history in some fashion.

Banned Items

The list of banned items is few and I intend to keep it that way as much as possible.

Gunslinger is banned at creation.

Active entitlements as mentioned before are not allowed at creation.

Any merits that do not have a point-cost assigned to them such as milestone merits are not allowed at creation.  However these may potentially be acquired in game.

Demolitions, Explosives, Bombs and similar equipment, skills and merits are banned in general with the exception of a heavily storyteller-mediated storyline that specifically requires it.

Due to the style of game and how pledges and token creation is being run, the merits Pledgesmith and Tokenmaster are not allowed at this time.

A word on equipment...

Unusual, rare, or illegal equipment should have some method of acquiring them on the sheet typically.  This could be in the form of resources, streetwise, allies, and contacts as just some examples.  While in general there is some leeway given at creation please be aware this is at the discretion of the storyteller.  As mentioned in another section, mundane equipment usually will not give bonuses in this game (weapons being one of the few exceptions, vehicles being another), however penalties for not having the correct equipment (or attire) may be used.