History Of Shadows

History Of Shadows

Transcript from Radio Free Fae: 7/8/13

"Another day that you’ve made it alive and your mind still held together [static] by the duct tape and tree sap cobbled together.  For those just tuning in, welcome to hell.  By comparison though it’s not that bad compared to where you’ve been.  So have a seat dear listener and I’ll ease your pain along with filling that aching hole in what is left of your brain. 

Baltimore’s a dangerous city with a reputation that runs darker than your favorite cop show implies.  Anyone can look that up on the internet or watch a few documentaries.  That’s not why you’re here though.  You want to learn about the other side.  Our side of the story.  Well unfortunately that's too bad.  First lesson [static] nothing is free here, but I will give you a little sound bite just because my cohiba has quite a bit left to it and we have some time.  After all, it is the least I can do for you giving me [static]."


The Charmed Freehold, The Barony, The Freehold of Calvert

"If you ask the historians they'll trace the lineage of the current freehold back to the Calvert's barony.  How ironic that the little home of Baltimore suffered the gentry both on the mortal world as well as that of the fae.  [static] The Calverts, at least the ones we care about, were not exactly all related by blood, but actually were secretly an adopted family of fae who were brought in through various oaths and promises.  You see, they formed the ruling class of the area for several centuries, making this place primarily the province of the Summer Court.  However, following the American Revolution, that status diminished somewhat as the old titles [static] fell out of favor in lieu of current trends.  With democracy came the more traditional rotating court system and Baltimore began its cyclonic spin as progress began only to recede time and again.  No one is sure why a city like Boston thrived while Baltimore languished.  I think that [static].  Perhaps there was some dark force pushing progress in one while stymieing the other.  Who knows?  Our modern tale though begins in the 1970s, following the wake of several riots and strikes when a young darkling named Teresa came looking for her lost little boy.  She stuck around, hoping that perhaps some clue would manifest and in her travels she found what would later be known as the Chesapeake Trail, the now infamous pathway in the Hedge to the Egg Market.  [static] This sparked revitalization, particularly over the Inner Harbor, but now also in several other locations such as Federal Hill and Fells Point.  Baltimore seemed to be on the upswing, crime was down and even notorious TV shows couldn't deter progress forever.  Yet when Teresa's little boy supposedly resurfaced and subsequently caused more problems than solved, our mysterious angel seemed to fall from grace.  Crime is up, hope is down, yet the Egg Market's sales continue to boom as do the amount of hopes and dreams shattered and discarded in the gutters that run red with blood and glitter with discarded needles, bullet casings, and broken syringes."