Setting Overview

Charm (v.) To attract or delight greatly

Bait (n.) Something used in luring especially to hook or trap

Charm(ed) City

"Baltimore is considered a cursed city by the fae.  A place for the desperate, the brave, the foolhardy, the foolish, the suicidal, and those who are as dark as those horrors lurking just beyond our ken.  Despite its reputation of a place of high risk, it also contains high reward [static].  Avoided by those who feel relatively comfortable, it is an oasis sought after  by many for various reasons.  Some come here to hide amongst the dead and forgotten [static] while others come hunting some dangerously guarded artifact.  Then there are those who come here because it is the only home they have ever truly known.  The cursed city has claimed many a mother's son and daughter, yet our tale tonight begins with one particular mother.

Once upon a time, there was a fatherless child, cared for by his single mother.  Amidst the gunshots and screams, the mother would sing a lullaby to comfort her son.  They were poor and powerless; desperate orphans huddled together against the storm which threatened to break their bonds, their bones, and their very souls at any moment.  Her child struck a deal with one his his many imaginary friends and disappeared for a time.  Every night his mother would sing her tear stained lullaby until he came home, a little more powerful, a little less like her human son.  One night she followed him off the little sandbar called "home" and was swept away in the madness of the maelstrom. [static] She sang her lullaby and was spared from the storm.  Frantically she looked around and found her child, took him by his hand and led him out of the tempest.  Yet her son was no longer her son.  He had become the storm itself, beautiful, powerful, capricious, silent and deceptively dangerous. 

And if you love something so much, you have to let it go even if you forever will sing to the moonlight, hoping your loved one will one day find their way back.

This is the story of Corentin and Teresa as told to me by the one source I dare not name on the air.

You see the boy Teresa brought back to us [static] maybe it was her son, maybe she never even had a son and it was her own keeper all along, searching for a way back here.  Maybe her son is now one of the mad gentry themselves and [static].  Either way if you see Corentin gliding silently along the dark alleyways of the hedge, hollow, or streets, I would be very careful if I were you.  Poor Teresa on the other hand [static] even the most wise of us have our weaknesses I suppose.

Since that time, Katarashi has stepped up as a pillar of strength in a community that so desperately needed it. [static] Currently the traditional court rotation has been suspended though it will likely resume this Autumn [static] or so they all claim.

Like every story it builds on the chapters before it, but Baltimore has rarely been known as one to suffer long drawn out tales.  Our episodic nature has not been kind to us.  People come and people go, yet I, dear listener, as the voice of the voiceless and the words for the silent whispers remain here to enlighten you through this evening."

-Transcript from Radio Free Fae: Baltimore 7/8/13